At ARC media we understand the sizable task of building & maintaining the many miles of transmission lines that provide electricity to the homes, businesses, churches, and schools that are spread across our rural countryside. We admire these efforts, and applaud the individuals who work hard day in and day out in order to ensure our light turns on.

In a nutshell, this is why we are excited to be spending our days developing communication partnerships between these electric cooperatives, their member-owners, and influencers. Through creation, management, and placement of communication plans our goal is to help statewide electric associations, distribution cooperatives, and power generators convey their goals of safety, efficiency, public policy awareness, and above all member-owner activation.

ARC media is led by Andy Neidert, Gus Wagner, and Melissa Gilliam Shaw. We have combined our decades of experience in #RuralElectric marketing and in digital marketing to help cooperatives and member-owners communicate with one another!

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    The ARC media Social Media Glossary

    If social media jargon leaves you dazed and confused, we're here to clear things up. From Fans to Impressions; Sharing to Engagement, we hope that the ARC media Social Media Glossary helps you make sense of the madness.Looking for a definition you don't see in our social media glossary? Drop us a line, leave a comment on our Facebook Page, or Tweet with us!   CONTINUE READING

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    Sharing is More Powerful than Liking on Social Media

    No matter what it is, a local business closing, a natural disaster, or a man-made disaster, one thing is for certain: bad news travels faster than good news on social media. Somebody shares, Likes, or comments on some tragic story, and suddenly it’s all over your newsfeeds because it seems like everyone is doing it.The speed of bad news online is just the time it takes to make one click.Meanwhile, good news gets a very small portion of shareable activity. It’s the same click —and the same opport...  CONTINUE READING

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    How to Succeed at Twitter

    Twitter is one of the most popular and powerful platforms of social media. If your Cooperative thinks that Twitter isn’t for you, then you might be missing out on critical information about current events, rural electricity, and energy on the whole. Let’s look at a couple of ways to get better at Twitter.1.   CONTINUE READING

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    How to Get Your Facebook Name

    Have you ever seen a Cooperative with a Facebook URL that looks something like this: Facebook.com/AwesomeElectric1234567890? If you have, then you’ve seen an example of a Cooperative that hasn’t set up its Business Page correctly.Keep reading to learn how to set your Cooperative’s Facebook Page up the right way in a handful of short, easy steps. (Hint: Setting your Page up the right = getting rid of all those numbers at the end of your URL.) Step 1: Log InLog into your Facebook account.   CONTINUE READING

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    Engaging Elected Officials on Social Media

    We live in a time when only 43 out of 435 members of the U.S. House consider themselves ‘rural enough’ to be members of the Rural Caucus. Those numbers aren’t getting better for those of us in most Congressional districts in the States right now, and that means that rural Electric Cooperatives nationwide are affected.Consider for a moment that in addition to the shrinking representation and influence agribusiness and rural concerns receive in government and in real life, that in the Midwest, esp...  CONTINUE READING

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    How To Live Tweet a Public Meeting

    Cooperatives work 24/7/365 to keep the power on and your membership engaged. Live tweeting your meetings and other public events is an easy way to grow your audience past the “real life” audience present at your event and onto your larger #AstroNetTurfRoots community.If you’re having a meeting (of any size) — including your annual membership meeting — you can set up live-tweeting. Here’s how:Before Your Meeting or Event:Get/establish event hashtag, like #AnnualMeeting or #JeffCityTownHallPut the...  CONTINUE READING

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    Find Your Fish on Social Media

    “We’re preparing to launch our Cooperative’s presence on social media, but we don’t know which sites are best for us to use. Do you have any suggestions?”The social media sea is vast, so it’s understandable if your Cooperative doesn’t know where to start fishing. Our advice to you is to get to know your fish (your audience), and then to follow them wherever they go on social media.When it comes to choosing which social media sites will work best for your Cooperative, there are a few basic (and h...  CONTINUE READING

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    Breaking Down Hashtags on Facebook

    A recent addition to Facebook is the hashtag. While it is still underused by some (and abused by more) the hashtag is one of the most important tools in social media, and its evolution to Facebook is critical.As is your understanding of its proper use.How the Hashtag WorksIf you put a hashtag (or a “#”) in front of a word in a post, that word now becomes a hot link. You can click on that hot link to open up a stream of communication about that word in Facebook — and on Twitter, Instagram, Google...  CONTINUE READING

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    How to Use Facebook Insights

    Facebook Insights gives you everything Your Cooperative needs to know about how your content is working — and when it’s working — absolutely free. Unfortunately, most Cooperatives and other nonprofits we’ve talked to don’t use their Insights.If your Cooperative wants to get ahead of the competition (most of which isn’t using Insights), keep reading. We’ll tell you what your Facebook Insights are, where to find them, and what the most important thing is that you can use them for.How to Find Faceb...  CONTINUE READING

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    Get Found on Facebook: A Strategy for Rural Electric Cooperatives

    How well do you think this is working for their #SocialMedia efforts? #RocketGroupA photo posted by Gus Wagner (@wagnergus) on Dec 2, 2014 at 7:12am PSTIf you’re a Nonprofit Electric Cooperative that’s investing time and energy in social media, you want to see more friends, likes, and followers for your advocacy, Member-Owner communication, and civic engagement efforts.Many of our country’s Rural Electric Cooperatives are making basic Facebook Page mistakes that could be avoided by following the...  CONTINUE READING

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    How to Make a Good First Impression on Facebook

    Making a good first impression is important. Remember when you were a kid, and your parents made you keep the house clean, “just in case” company dropped by? You kept things tidy, but the company rarely came.Your Facebook Page is like your house when you were a kid: you need to keep it tidy “just in case” someone stops by — even though it’s unlikely than anyone ever will.No One Visits Your Facebook Page
99.9% of people will never return to your Cooperative’s Facebook Page once they’ve Liked it.   CONTINUE READING

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    Hashtag Advice You Should Listen To

    We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it here again: “The hashtag is the most powerful tool in social media.”Gus has gained a bit of a reputation for his favoritism of the hashtag, as it’s a frequent tool used in his speeches and, heck, it’s even in his Twitter profile photo!  What Does a Hashtag Do?The hashtag collates the hundreds of thousands of messages which are tweeted and posted every second of every day around conversation topics and keywords. It’s how audiences spread the word at eve...  CONTINUE READING

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    Bad News Travels Fast on Social Media

    The 2012 story of the maybe/maybe not imaginary girlfriend of Notre Dame star linebacker Manti Te'o spread like wildfire across the internet. The story damaged Te’o’s NFL prospects, and it damaged Notre Dame’s reputation, as well as the reputations of media outlets like ESPN and CBS that had covered the emotional story before it was revealed to be a hoax.We saw Deadspin’s original Facebook post just 51 minutes after it was published. In that 51 minutes, it received 359 fan interactions, includin...  CONTINUE READING

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    How to Set Up Twitter Correctly from Day One

    How do you sign up for a twitter account? How do you get started on Twitter? Twitter is our favorite platform on social media, so we think it’s important to use Twitter to reach influencers, get involved in your community, and better serve your Cooperative’s Member-Owners.   CONTINUE READING

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    How Not to Suck at Twitter

    I have one simple trick to share with you today that will help keep your Cooperative from sucking at Twitter. My trick isn’t complicated or time-consuming, and it doesn’t require a “social media expert” to execute.My simple trick for how not to suck at Twitter?When you create a new Twitter profile, Twitter uses a default avatar as your personal profile picture. That default picture is of an un-hatched egg.   CONTINUE READING

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    Win their Hearts and Minds

    What if we told you that there were just two simple things you needed to do to persuade your audience to make the decision you want them to make? And what if we told you that those two simple things were as simple as HAM? Yes, HAM.We’ve been working with Cooperatives and other membership organizations for a long time, and we’ve learned some important lessons along the way.   CONTINUE READING

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