Why do Rural Electric Cooperatives Need Social Media?

For decades, Rural Electric Cooperatives have done a great job communicating with their Member-Owners through traditional media. Over the last 10+ years, though, your audiences have shifted to digital and social media platforms. That’s where we come in: we have the history and the experience to help you build audiences, manage daily social media content, and see greater successes when you communicate calls to action or emergency alerts.

Your Member-Owners are on social media every day. That’s why you need to be there, too. 

What does ARC Media stand for? 

ARC is named after an arc of electricity, or electricity traveling from point A to point B.

How did ARC Media Start?

Missouri’s Rural Electric Cooperatives had a need, and we worked together to develop the solution. We’ve grown quickly, adding experienced employees to our team and expanding our full-service capabilities across the country.

You list a lot of things on your website, but tell me what you REALLY do?

We work with you and your Member-Owners to better understand each other and the ever-changing world of social media. We use advanced targeting and affordable budgeting to build audiences across digital and traditional media. And we stay on top of the daily changes to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels so that you don’t have to.

We connect Rural Electric Cooperatives with your Member-Owners, and our answer to you is always “yes”. 

Full Service Media Company? What does that mean?

We like to think of what we do as telling your Cooperative’s #RuralElectric story using words, pictures, and videos. We write blog posts and social media posts; we create and share high-quality photos and videos; and we build easy-to-use websites designed specifically for Cooperatives. LINK

We post your words, pictures, and videos to your social media channels for you, and we even report back to you on exactly how effective your efforts to engage Member-Owners have been.

We tell your story through words, picture, and videos every day through social and traditional media. 


How do you implement your social media advice?

Social media constantly changes, but the basic strategies remain the same. We focus on strategies that work, while always keeping an open mind toward new technologies (and new ways to use existing ones). Gus has long maintained that there is no such thing as a social media expert, so he and the rest of the team undergo continual training to serve our clients as well as we possibly can.

Who does what at ARC Media?

In the small picture, Andy handles the business operations and Gus directs the creative operations. In the big picture, we’re all cross trained to have our ears on for content opportunities, audience interactions, and the weather and service emergencies which dominate our #RuralElectric world. We’re on 24/7 just like you!

Why should we want you?

Because we want you! We might be a digital agency, but we remain rural at heart. We live in and respect our rural history, neighbors, and way of life. And we’re dedicated to using our digital skills and experience to deliver the best communications messages through the best communications tools to you and your #RuralElectric Member-Owners.