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    How to Succeed at Twitter

    Twitter is one of the most popular and powerful platforms of social media. If your Cooperative thinks that Twitter isn’t for you, then you might be missing out on critical information about current events, rural electricity, and energy on the whole. Let’s look at a couple of ways to get better at Twitter.1.   CONTINUE READING

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    How To Live Tweet a Public Meeting

    Cooperatives work 24/7/365 to keep the power on and your membership engaged. Live tweeting your meetings and other public events is an easy way to grow your audience past the “real life” audience present at your event and onto your larger #AstroNetTurfRoots community.If you’re having a meeting (of any size) — including your annual membership meeting — you can set up live-tweeting. Here’s how:Before Your Meeting or Event:Get/establish event hashtag, like #AnnualMeeting or #JeffCityTownHallPut the...  CONTINUE READING

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    How to Set Up Twitter Correctly from Day One

    How do you sign up for a twitter account? How do you get started on Twitter? Twitter is our favorite platform on social media, so we think it’s important to use Twitter to reach influencers, get involved in your community, and better serve your Cooperative’s Member-Owners.   CONTINUE READING

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    How Not to Suck at Twitter

    I have one simple trick to share with you today that will help keep your Cooperative from sucking at Twitter. My trick isn’t complicated or time-consuming, and it doesn’t require a “social media expert” to execute.My simple trick for how not to suck at Twitter?When you create a new Twitter profile, Twitter uses a default avatar as your personal profile picture. That default picture is of an un-hatched egg.   CONTINUE READING