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    Sharing is More Powerful than Liking on Social Media

    No matter what it is, a local business closing, a natural disaster, or a man-made disaster, one thing is for certain: bad news travels faster than good news on social media. Somebody shares, Likes, or comments on some tragic story, and suddenly it’s all over your newsfeeds because it seems like everyone is doing it.The speed of bad news online is just the time it takes to make one click.Meanwhile, good news gets a very small portion of shareable activity. It’s the same click —and the same opport...  CONTINUE READING

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    How to Get Your Facebook Name

    Have you ever seen a Cooperative with a Facebook URL that looks something like this: Facebook.com/AwesomeElectric1234567890? If you have, then you’ve seen an example of a Cooperative that hasn’t set up its Business Page correctly.Keep reading to learn how to set your Cooperative’s Facebook Page up the right way in a handful of short, easy steps. (Hint: Setting your Page up the right = getting rid of all those numbers at the end of your URL.) Step 1: Log InLog into your Facebook account.   CONTINUE READING

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    Breaking Down Hashtags on Facebook

    A recent addition to Facebook is the hashtag. While it is still underused by some (and abused by more) the hashtag is one of the most important tools in social media, and its evolution to Facebook is critical.As is your understanding of its proper use.How the Hashtag WorksIf you put a hashtag (or a “#”) in front of a word in a post, that word now becomes a hot link. You can click on that hot link to open up a stream of communication about that word in Facebook — and on Twitter, Instagram, Google...  CONTINUE READING

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    How to Use Facebook Insights

    Facebook Insights gives you everything Your Cooperative needs to know about how your content is working — and when it’s working — absolutely free. Unfortunately, most Cooperatives and other nonprofits we’ve talked to don’t use their Insights.If your Cooperative wants to get ahead of the competition (most of which isn’t using Insights), keep reading. We’ll tell you what your Facebook Insights are, where to find them, and what the most important thing is that you can use them for.How to Find Faceb...  CONTINUE READING

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    Get Found on Facebook: A Strategy for Rural Electric Cooperatives

    How well do you think this is working for their #SocialMedia efforts? #RocketGroupA photo posted by Gus Wagner (@wagnergus) on Dec 2, 2014 at 7:12am PSTIf you’re a Nonprofit Electric Cooperative that’s investing time and energy in social media, you want to see more friends, likes, and followers for your advocacy, Member-Owner communication, and civic engagement efforts.Many of our country’s Rural Electric Cooperatives are making basic Facebook Page mistakes that could be avoided by following the...  CONTINUE READING

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    How to Make a Good First Impression on Facebook

    Making a good first impression is important. Remember when you were a kid, and your parents made you keep the house clean, “just in case” company dropped by? You kept things tidy, but the company rarely came.Your Facebook Page is like your house when you were a kid: you need to keep it tidy “just in case” someone stops by — even though it’s unlikely than anyone ever will.No One Visits Your Facebook Page
99.9% of people will never return to your Cooperative’s Facebook Page once they’ve Liked it.   CONTINUE READING