No matter what it is, a local business closing, a natural disaster, or a man-made disaster, one thing is for certain: bad news travels faster than good news on social media. Somebody shares, Likes, or comments on some tragic story, and suddenly it’s all over your newsfeeds because it seems like everyone is doing it.

The speed of bad news online is just the time it takes to make one click.

Meanwhile, good news gets a very small portion of shareable activity. It’s the same click —and the same opportunity to add your own pithy comments — as bad news, but few people seem to take advantage of the opportunity to click on the good news.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

We see this a lot with local business closing announcements. Be it a restaurant, a retail store, or anything else ‘mom & pop-ish,’ when the small business posts on Facebook that they’re soon to be closing, there will be hundreds of comments and other interactions stating “Oh, that’s too bad!” or You’re my favorite place, I am going to miss you!”

What were these hundreds of bad news commenters doing when they were supposedly enjoying the store’s products or the diner’s French fries? Were they sharing the content of the business, checking in when they were there, and posting filtered pics of the plates of pancakes? Probably not.

What To Do Instead: #ShareThenLike

What more consumers need to do is what we call Share Then Like. Share the good news, then Like the content. Sharing is a much more powerful tool than Liking is, whether it is a Share on Facebook, a Retweet on Twitter, a combination of both on YouTube, or some similar action across the other platforms.

If I Share something instead of just Liking it, it allows me to add my opinions and thoughts to the content thereby further influencing my friends and followers. That’s how audiences of audiences are reached — which is always the goal of social media — and it’s how things go viral.

One Last Tip

As we‘ve applied the #ShareThenLike philosophy more and more, we’ve heard tales (and we have our own tales, too) of experiences that have gone south after someone has checked in at a business, event, what have you.

Our last tip to you today is to take your group photos, your food photos, your fun photos, but to wait until your experience at a business is complete before posting those pictures, sharing the business’s content, or checking in. That way you aren’t sharing something that wasn’t the best experience with your social media friends and connections.

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