If social media jargon leaves you dazed and confused, we’re here to clear things up. From Fans to Impressions; Sharing to Engagement, we hope that the ARC Media Social Media Glossary helps you make sense of the madness.

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New Fans: The number of new Facebook users that have liked your Page over the duration of your report.

‘Unliked’ Your Page: The number of Facebook users that have unliked your Page over the duration of your report.


Fan: The number of impressions generated by the people that have liked your page.

User Post: The number of impressions generated from user posts to your wall.

Page Post: The number of impressions generated from likes, shares, and comments on your Page posts.

Mention: The number of impressions generated by people who have tagged your Facebook page in a post or comment.

Organic: The number of times your posts were seen in News Feeds or Tickers or on visits to your Page. These impressions can be Fans or non-Fans.

Viral: The number of impressions generated from a story published about your Page (aka from a Page Post, User Post, Mention or Fan as described under Impression Breakdown).

Paid: The number of impressions generated from a Sponsored Story or Ad pointing to your Page.


We give you a breakdown of age and gender of Facebook users (fans and non fans) that could have potentially seen content associated with your Page in their News Feed or Ticker or by visiting your Page directly. This is based on the data that people enter in their profile.


Impressions of your Facebook Page broken down by city and by country.


Stories Created: A story on Facebook is created when a user likes your Page, posts to your Page’s Wall, answers a Question you posted, RSVP’s to one of your events, mentions your Page, phototags your Page, checks in at your Place or Reacts to, or comments on / shares one of your Page posts.

Users: The number of people that created stories about your page over the duration of your report.


Your posts that are shared, broken down by gender.


The number of People ‘Talking About the Page’ by user country and by user language.


Reach: The number of unique people who saw any content about that post. This will include both fans and non-fans.

Engaged Users: The number of people who clicked anywhere in your post without generating a story plus the number of unique people who created a story about your Page post.

Talking: The number of people who have created a story from this post. Stories are created when someone Reacts to, comments on or shares your post, answers a question you posted or responds to an event.

Reactions: The number of people who engaged with the post via Reaction. Reactions include “Like”, “Love”, “Haha”, “Wow”, “Angry”, “Yay”, and “Sad”.

Comments: The number of people that commented on this post.

Shares: The number of people that have shared this post.

Engagement: Engagement is a ratio of engaged users to reach. As an example, a post with 4 engaged users and 100 reach should yield a 4% engagement score.

Values displayed as dashes (‘–‘) indicate that Facebook was unable to provide data at this time.


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