Making a good first impression is important. Remember when you were a kid, and your parents made you keep the house clean, “just in case” company dropped by? You kept things tidy, but the company rarely came.

Your Facebook Page is like your house when you were a kid: you need to keep it tidy “just in case” someone stops by — even though it’s unlikely than anyone ever will.

No One Visits Your Facebook Page

99.9% of people will never return to your Cooperative’s Facebook Page once they’ve Liked it. Instead, they’ll scroll through their newsfeed until something from a friend, a family member, or a brand catches their eye. That’s when they’ll stop and click on the link that caught their attention.

Your Cooperative’s Facebook Fans are no different. If they don’t see something from you in their newsfeed, then they’re not thinking about, liking, sharing, or commenting on your Cooperative’s content.

Think about how you use Facebook: You may have liked Coca-ColaChevrolet, or even ARC Media on Facebook, but unless you see compelling content from those brands in your newsfeed, you probably won’t go directly to that brand’s Page.

This is why you have to post to Facebook. And post to Facebook. And post to Facebook.

Make a Plan

If you want to make a good first impression with your fans, you first have to make an impression at all. You need a plan and a strategy for how your Cooperative will use Facebook. Posting for the sake of posting will only get you so far.

If your content isn’t relevant to your fans; if it’s not connected to your general mission; or if it’s just junk, then you’re not going to inspire your fans to interact with your Page — All of that tidying up “just in case” company stops by will be in vain.

What You Should Post to Facebook

At ARC Media, you’ll hear us talk a lot about activating and motivating your Cooperative’s membership. Our goal is to provide you with high quality content that helps teach you how to do those two things. If our content isn’t promoting Rural Electric Cooperatives or helping Cooperatives learn how to activate and motivate memberships, then we’ve let you down. We recommend you take a similar approach to creating and sharing content with your audience.

What Else Should You Do to Clean Up Your Page?

  • Answer as many of the questions as possible in your “About” section to help newcomers learn more about your Cooperative.
  • Make sure your profile and cover images are readable, to size, and representative of your Cooperative. Need help with your sizes and ideas? Use a mostly-free tool like Canva to easily guide you through the process, or contact us to give you a hand.
  • You should also make plans to weekly — at a minimum — go onto Facebook as your brand Page. Scroll your Page’s newsfeed and like, comment, and Share with the Pages you are connected to as your brand. Don’t Like any Pages as your brand? What the heck are you waiting for?

Following these simple tips will help you to create a good, nay, great first impression as Member-Owners and other community members begin to engage with your Page.

Activate and Motivate Your Membership

If you have questions about how to make Facebook work for your Cooperative, let us know! We spend our days connecting Electric Cooperatives with your Member-Owners, and can help you activate and motivate your membership 24/7/365: Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, or contact us today!