How do you sign up for a twitter account? How do you get started on Twitter? Twitter is our favorite platform on social media, so we think it’s important to use Twitter to reach influencers, get involved in your community, and better serve your Cooperative’s Member-Owners. You want to create a great first impression when you get started on Twitter, so we’ve got a few tips that’ll help you set up your Twitter the right way.

Sign Up for Twitter

The first step to setting up Twitter correctly is, well, signing up for Twitter. It’s easy to do: Just go to and click “Sign Up.” Twitter will ask you to enter your real name, an email address, and a password, in addition to your handle. Keep in mind that only one Twitter account can be created for each email address, so you’ll only be able to enter an email address that hasn’t already been used to create a Twitter account.

Real Name: The Awesome Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Handle: @AwesomeElectric


Password: ******

We suggest using a Username (or, in Twitter terms, a Handle) that matches what you use on other social media channels if you can. For example, if you use “,” then try to use “@AwesomeElectric” as your handle on Twitter, too.

Twitter Prompts

Once you’ve created your account, Twitter will ask you to share your interests. You can choose common interest like “Sports” and “News,” or you can opt to give Twitter more customized interests.

Twitter will prompt you to follow famous people and universally popular Twitter accounts like @CNN and @BBCWorld. We suggest that you unclick “Select All” when Twitter gives you this prompt so that you don’t follow any of these popular accounts right away. Why? Because following big, popular accounts before you’ve filled out your profile or built up a few followers of your own will make you look like a spammer. You don’t want to look like a spammer.

Customize Your Profile

When you open a new Twitter account, your profile will look generic. Your profile picture will be an unhatched egg, and your cover image will be blank. You’ll want to ditch that unhatched egg right away by uploading a representative and professional image to use as your profile picture/avatar instead. You’ll also want to include another representative and professional image as your cover image.

Your Twitter bio tells people who you are and what you’re all about, so be sure that your bio answers as many questions about who you are, what you do, and where you do it as possible. You can even include hashtags in your bio. The trick? Twitter bios are limited to 160 characters. If you need ideas, check out our Twitter account.

Start Tweeting

Once you’ve done what we’ve already suggested, it’s time to start tweeting. Send out a few introductory tweets before you start following anyone else so that you’ve laid the groundwork for your new followers’ first impressions of you.

Use hashtags in your tweets to connect your tweets to other tweets about your geographic area, your industry, and your organization’s interests. This will help you to be found and followed by other people with similar interests.

Want to Learn More? Hashtag Advice You Should Listen To

Find People to Follow
Now that you’ve posted a few intro tweets to your account, you’ve got a professional avatar, and you’ve updated your cover image, it’s time to find people to follow on Twitter. You can search for tweets and for Twitterers based on your interests, your geographic area (city, state, county, etc.) and more.

If you search for “Electric Cooperatives,” for instance, you can see the Top Posts, the Latest Posts, People, Videos, and More related to Cooperatives:

We recommend finding other Cooperatives, as well as local, county, and state-level organizations and leaders. You can follow people tweeting about the same geographic area you’re in, too. This will help build your followers/following up so that you look like a legitimate account, and not a spammer.


Tagging Others on Twitter

You can tag other Cooperatives, community leaders, Member-Owners, and business by typing their Twitter handle preceded by the @ sign. For example, you could tweet to us at ARC Media like this, “Thanks for the great post about setting up Twitter, @ReachTheARC!” Tagging other people on Twitter is a great way to get others engaged with your content.

Tweet, follow, and thank your followers for following you. Engage with your Member-Owners, and above all, have fun!


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