Facebook Insights gives you everything Your Cooperative needs to know about how your content is working — and when it’s working — absolutely free. Unfortunately, most Cooperatives and other nonprofits we’ve talked to don’t use their Insights.

If your Cooperative wants to get ahead of the competition (most of which isn’t using Insights), keep reading. We’ll tell you what your Facebook Insights are, where to find them, and what the most important thing is that you can use them for.

How to Find Facebook Insights

First, you need to find your Insights. When you look at your Cooperative’s Facebook Page, Insights is right there at the top. Click on the Insights button, and you’ll be sent to the Insights Overview. When your content has had a bump or a spike in popularity, you’ll see it here.

From the Overview, you’ll see “Actions on Page,” “Page Views,” “Page Likes,” “Reach,” “Post Engagements,” and “Videos” at the top. Just below that, you’ll see your Cooperative’s 5 Most Recent Posts. If you click on any one of these buttons, you’ll see more information about each of those analytics.

What Does Insights Do?

Insights helps you track what kind of content is most successful for your Cooperative. It shows you Page Likes, Page Reach, and even complaints about spam. It shows you what posts people have responded best to, and it shows you how they’ve interacted with those posts. You can see how your paid posts performed alongside your organic posts, too. When you know what’s working for your Cooperative, you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

The Most Important Thing to Use Insights For

We promised you we’d tell you what the most important thing is that you can use Insights for, so here it is: The most important way you can use Insights is to figure out is when your Fans are online.

Click on “Posts” on the left side of your Insights screen, and then click “When Your Fans Are Online” at the top of that page. You’ll see a chart showing you when your audience is engaging with your content.

The sweetest spot to post on Facebook here in mid-Missouri is between 7:00 and 9:30 p.m. That’s when people are at home, multi-screening, playing on the computer, or checking Facebook before bed, and that’s when you should publish your best content.

We’re sure it’s the same where you are.

Don’t Do This

One last note here about using Facebook to promote your Cooperative: When you say “find our Cooperative on Facebook” in advertising, but you don’t share your Facebook URL, it doesn’t work. That’s because your Cooperative isn’t the only one in the world by the same name. If you don’t give fans your full URL, they’re likely to like a business with the same name as yours, but in some other city or state.

Learn more: Get Found on Facebook – A Strategy for Cooperatives

If you’re going to spend money promoting your Facebook Page, give the reader your full Facebook URL. For instance, if we were advertising our Facebook Page for ARC Media, we’d use the full URL: Facebook.com/ReachTheARC. And once you get people onto your Page, use Insights to track what’s working and what isn’t for your Cooperative’s content.

If your Cooperative needs a hand getting started with Insights, feel free to reach out anytime.

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