What if we told you that there were just two simple things you needed to do to persuade your audience to make the decision you want them to make? And what if we told you that those two simple things were as simple as HAM? Yes, HAM.

We’ve been working with Cooperatives and other membership organizations for a long time, and we’ve learned some important lessons along the way. One of the things we’ve learned is that persuasion is all about HAM.

How do you make people buy a product, advocate for a cause, or vote for a candidate? Whether you hope that a consumer will buy something or a Member-Owner will “Like” you on Facebook, the same two things have to happen: you need to capture that person’s heart and their mind. You need to win their HAM (Heart And Mind).

No matter what you’re trying to convince someone about — an idea, an issue, a person, a product, or anything else you’re trying to “sell” — you need to win their hearts and their minds. Win the heart and you’ve won the emotional appeal; win the head and you’ve won the logical appeal. Win them both, and you’ve got their vote, their transaction, or their donation.

If you can convince somebody’s HAM, you’ll have them in your wheelhouse to support your cause, make the decision that you want them to make, or to vote for the candidate you want them to vote for.

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