ARC Media is happy to announce the introduction of our Cooperative Online Voting Tool!

For Co-ops which allow online balloting as well as Co-ops who have had to postpone their annual meetings in 2020, this online portal will give you secure voting management and your members’ security with their personal information.

It is also designed to increase your voter turnout, strengthen your connection with your consumers, and enhance the transparency of your director elections.

The video below explains the process but a few quick ballot, er, bullet points are below:

  • We work with your membership data and match consumers up with their name, email address, and member number. These can be updated throughout your open voting period as many times as needed due to membership additions or deletions.
  • The votes are tallied in a secure database connected to the portal and are sent to your attorney or election authority at a prearranged date. ARC does not review before nor keep your members’ data after the election.
  • You send us the ballot information – candidates, bylaws changes, or anything else – and we create the ballot. If you send us the biographies and photos of the candidates, we can add those as well. Explanations of the bylaw changes can also be added to the ballot.
  • In a real-world setting, not a demonstration site as in the video and links below, the member would go to the special web address we establish for you then enter their name and email and member number. They are then sent a verification email to assure the email is being used by the right person. Clicking the link in the email will take the consumer to the actual ballot page where they can vote and submit their selections.
  • Additional questions, surveys, or invitations can be added to the closing page of the ballot as well if you would like to learn more about your membership.
  • We are more than happy to work with your staff, attorney, or election authority to ensure everything is managed to your bylaws and in the most secure manner.


You can take a test drive of a demonstration balloting site at which we have developed for Missouri’s voting needs. Please note that any name and numbers will work on the sign-in pages before you get to the ballot. In the interest of your time, we have turned off the verification send so you can quickly get to the ballot.

We are here to answer your questions and keep your elections on track in 2020 and beyond.

The Cooperative Online Voting tool is ready NOW for customization to your needs and deadlines.

Please feel free to reach out to Andy {@} for any additional details you may need!